I wake up every day ready for all good things. Life is so exciting and so very good.

I go downstairs and make coffee, if its not already made, and take that first wonderful sip as the day dawns. All is just SO good.

I do not watch commercial television, but I do look at Facebook, at the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and most mornings LinkedIn while drinking that coffee.

I tell you by the bottom of my first cup, I am feeling that our world is reaching for the bottom of the barrel with both hands. This morning the predominant video on Facebook was a clip showing the President of the United States having a really awful hair malfunction. The video was taken from behind him, so you could not be sure it was the President. Whoever it was needs to get some kind of treatment for what may be a fatal condition. Just saying.

I realized as I watched this absurd video loop, that the world has gone crazy…

Or I fell asleep sometime back, am still asleep, having a really long nightmare, and just don’t know it.

So many great and wonderful things are happening in our times, yet for every good thing reported there are dozens of people complaining and condemning and calling the good bad and then calling the bad good. Or starting out calling the bad good and acting as if the good stuff just isn’t happening at all.

This all reminded me of some stories that Robert A. Heinlein wrote as he was writing his future history. I read these books and stories back in the late sixties and in to the eighties. He told stories of some pretty loony stuff that happened along the way to his future. One time he had a religious cult take over all of the United States of America. One time he had a made up people called the Pan Asians take over much of the world. There were stories about all kinds of whacked out governments and businesses that went out of control, and about the clear eyed people who worked behind the scenes to restore sanity to society.

Since you are reading this, let me tell you that it is my belief that some version of Heinlein’s fictional future history has become or is becoming our reality. Absurd, right? (Might remind you of his book “Number of the Beast” if you have read it.)

So today I started writing a first person narrative of my experience of this unfolding comedy of errors. My intent is to point out the craziness and to try to point the way to the wonderful future that is out there just beyond the horizon.

I have named this blog after one of Heinlein’s early stories. The name is self explanatory. If This Goes On… Then… 

robert curtis, santa rosa beach


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